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Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

Terms and

Our Terms and Conditions that
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At OnDem, we have various terms and conditions that help us in maintaining transparency and creating trust among our clients. The terms and conditions are meant to abide by both parties – we and our clients. And we don’t expect our clients will overlook our terms and conditions or ask us to favor anything that is illegitimate. We don’t expect that any of our clients will go beyond the boundaries of our specified terms and conditions.

We, meanwhile, have the full right to change our terms and conditions anytime without any kind of prior information relating to it. You need to agree on the terms and conditions first before accessing our website.

You will be prevented from accessing the website in case you disagree to follow our terms and conditions. All content available on our website is protected by copyright laws.

Use of Content

Be it headings, logos, images, videos, or tags, all content available on our website is owned by us or used under the licenses. Visitors don’t have permission to change any content on our website for either purpose without our written consent.

Third-Party Content

In case of using third-party content, you will be directed to the related websites. Visiting any external website will be fully at your own risk and OnDem will not be responsible for any safety, malware, or any other kinds of issues.

Limitation of Damages

We and any of our subsidiary websites are not responsible for any kind of damages be it direct, indirect, or any circumstantial damages. We are not responsible to compensate for these damages in either way.

Limited License

We at OnDem allow non-exclusive access to our website, its content, materials, etc. Visitors who try to impact the function of the website in either way will be prohibited from accessing it.

User Behavior

Copying or amending any content available on our website by users is strictly prohibited. We don’t allow users to use the content for promotional or any commercial purposes. Visitors can’t transfer the materials of the website on any server or other websites.


Just like other websites, we at OnDem also use cookies for gaining information. While visiting our website, you get an option to either disable cookies or can get a notification setting every time whenever cookies are being sent. Meanwhile, you will not be able to access certain parts of our website, once you choose to disable cookies.

We don’t give authority to use anyone to use any materials on our website. In case if you find any content or materials appearing on other websites, you can contact us and we will immediately remove them.