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Individual Contributor

We work with multiple engagement models to match different project requirements of our clients – individual contributor is one of those. Clients who opt for this model hire an individual professional based on his/her skills, experience, etc. You stay in touch with the professional for everything, be it for creating strategy, implementation, etc. The professional works on your projects individually while taking complete responsibility, and report you every single progress.


For a large or complex project, we enable you to hire a team. Once you discuss your projects with us and the number of professionals you need, our professionals choose the right candidates for you employing the rigorous selection criteria to help you get the right talent. The team consists of a project manager who is responsible for managing work and plays an intermediary role between you and the team. You stay in touch with the team manager for getting an update about the work and share your feedback, implement your new requirements, etc.


Managed Team

Clients who select a managed team to work with us get full control over the entire process of team selection. From team formation to work, you will be responsible for accomplishing everything. We let you have the flexibility to choose professionals based on your project needs and form a complete team who will be responsible for working on your project. You get the flexibility to minimize and maximize the size of the team based on the scope of your projects.

Managed Team