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Search Engine Optimization


We create such marketing plan that identifies the marketing objectives and explains how marketing activities will help the organisation achieve its broader goals. Ensuring a strong web presence, we make your company visible at the forefront of popular search engines, thus making it easier for your customer base to find you first. We create case studies or other forms of helpful SEO content when during the decision stage. Our marketing plan also focuses on company’s resources on reaching target customers and thereby resulting in generating leads.


Have you ever gone to the second page of Google search? Neither will your customer, so why hide there, come out and feel the sunshine. With the help of organic and paid strategies we work on increasing the traffic on your website and improve your search ranking.
OnDemand offers guaranteed SEO services for TOP PAGE ranking. We enable it to happen by performing the following activities on your website:
– Analyze the website current SEO Situation
– Perform Competition Analysis
– Identify Right Keywords based on Keyword Analysis
– Enhance Content Quality by developing SEO friendly Contents
– Report the Performance on Weekly/Monthly Basis
– After Initial task of bring the website on Page One perform Ongoing Maintenance tasks to retaining the first page position.


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