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Online Reputation Management


Our proprietary strategy for Online Reputation Management, uses technology coupled with viral marketing tactics that very few other vendors are capable of doing. The strategy involves using content marketing, programming and code, posting reviews for you on various websites, helping you remove any bad reviews your customers have posted for you, and finally making you an online rock star.
In addition to managing the customer reviews, we also help you manage the reviews and feedback from your ex-employees, competitors and website scraper programs.


Have you heard of the old saying, “Your reputation precedes you”? Your reputation is everything, and your business depends on it.
Buyers have evolved over time and customer service has become more important than ever. They no longer buy a product and forget about it, they write about their experiences and they talk to their circle about using it. As a business, it is important for you to know what they are saying and how you can use it in your favour.
Corporations lose billions of dollars every year because of the defamatory online reviews and customer complaints against them on various forums and review boards. A single review or complaint can either make or break your business.
We keep a track of the conversations happening around your brand, and engage with the customers to solve any problems they might be facing or thank them for their recommendation. This not only builds a trusting relationship between the brand and the customer but also tells others how you care about your customers.


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