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Back Office Support


OnDemand Employee works behind the scene processes that are integral to the functioning of your business, while lowering your costs, increasing efficiency & giving you a competitive advantage!
We provide the finest service based on the highest standard of ethics, values & client care. In so doing, we will earn the loyalty & trust of our clients who will become our lifelong clients. We always place their interests ahead of our own. For some of our customers we are also performing Internet Research, spreadsheets & presentations and covering tasks.


We also perform certain Admin, Personal & Social media Tasks like:
– Managing your social media accounts, replying to inquiries, updating your Instagram page, using hashtags, follow, like, share, research on LinkedIn and sending out requests.
– Transcription of audio/ video files.
– Transcribing dictations, interviews, business meetings, penal discussions, seminars, lectures.
– Manage files on dropbox, google drive or any other file sharing apps.
– Get quotes, place orders, make phone calls, manage calendar.
– Reservations- dental/medical/ spa/ fitness/ dinner & others.
– Booking tickets, planning travel & vacation.
– Managing calendar, sending out emails & making phone calls on your behalf.
– Organising events, birthdays, sending out invites, gifts & planning your party


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